The ultimate
ride experience

15-19 September 2022

Rolling road closures

Motorcycle outriders

Mechanical backup

Sports physios

Full support crew

Riding in a peloton, you’ll be flanked by motorcycle outriders, fully backed up by mechanics, remedied by sports physios and propelled forward by your very own support crew, making this the ultimate ride experience.

Rolling road closures ensure you ride safely without stopping for traffic lights or junctions and with different speed groups led by experienced Ride Captains, anyone who’s willing to put in some training can take on this challenge.

After four days in the saddle and 500km on the road, you’ll enjoy the rare and privileged finale of cycling on traffic free roads into Paris as one huge peloton, riding around the Arc de Triomphe and then on to finish at the Eiffel Tower.

To top it all, you’ll know that you are helping to make myeloma history.

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