Meet Nic Congdon from Bristol, UK who’s taking part in the London to Paris Ride 2019 to help raise vital funds for Myeloma UK.

“I was diagnosed with MGUS 7 ½ years ago. Being a nurse I did lots of reading on the subject. I had seen posters in work for the local Myeloma UK support group. I also found out about the Infodays, of which I have now attended two; one with my husband whilst I was waiting to be restaged earlier last year, then another later in the year with more of my family (Mum, Dad, two sisters and daughter) after which my diagnosis changed to smouldering myeloma.

I wish to give something back to Myeloma UK and help raise awareness. The Myeloma UK Infodays are an excellent way to learn more about the disease and meet other myeloma patients. The research they provide may also help myself and others live longer and hopefully provide a cure one day.

I chose this ride as a real challenge, as until I few weeks ago I was a proper couch potato who didn’t even own a decent push bike! Part of my incentive is to get fit in preparation for when my myeloma becomes active and I need treatment (I’m currently 48 years old).

I joined our local sports centre at the end of January and have been going to several different classes including my first ever spin class. It was so hard core I’m surprised I survived! I thought I was going to be physically sick at the end. I’ve since had a 1-1 with a personal trainer in the gym who has set me up with a training programme that involves interval training on the static bike to improve my cardiovascular fitness and stamina on the bike. I will do some more spin classes once I’ve built myself up a bit more.

I recently bought a new bike and was thrilled when I conquered 20 miles last week – that’s just a quarter of the distance of the first day on the London to Paris Ride!

I work 10 miles away and plan to cycle to work as part of my training. A good friend has friends who regularly do long cycle rides she’s going to put me in touch with as I build up the miles. My chiropractor is supporting me with advice on stretching exercises for after each training session.

The more that sign up the more money and awareness can be raised for Myeloma UK. Also as the expression goes ‘the more the merrier’. More people equals more peer support and hopefully fun too. My daughter, Tansie, has also signed up, as she too wishes to give something back to the amazing charity that is likely going to be a part of our lives – for the rest of mine at least.

You can help Nic Congdon raise money for Myeloma UK by donating directly to the Myeloma UK JustGiving fundraising page.

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Myeloma UK and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more. Thank you for your support!

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