This is the ‘ultimate ride experience’ because it’s fully supported.

There is an extensive support crew accompanying you all the way to Paris.

On day one you have the protection of NEG motorcycle outriders for the journey to Folkestone. Once across the Channel, our motorcycle outriders in France will organise the rolling-road closures so you can ride safely without stopping for traffic lights, junctions or roundabouts.

Service Corps will provide mechanical support throughout the ride. The mechanics will accompany us each day and do essential repairs on your bike at rest stops and in the back of their lorry while on the move. They bring a large stock of spare parts – the costs of these is extra but their labour is free.

Qualified sports physios will be available at all lunch and rest stops, as well as in the mornings in France for free massage therapy to help with aching muscles and injuries.

Ride Captains are there to motivate and mentor cyclists all the way to Paris. They are the eyes and ears on the road; they will advise riders on directions, moving up or down into different speed groups when necessary, peloton etiquette and food/drinks breaks. More importantly Ride Captains keep the riders in a tight group, closing the gaps and giving a helping hand when needed.

Ride Captains are all professional riders with years of experience in the saddle. There will be at least two Ride Captains assigned to each speed group (depending on group size).

The support crew and all logistics for the ride are being led by cycling event specialists Edge. Edge Founder Dan Solley is our experienced and knowledgeable Ride Director.

There will be a dedicated medic as well as several first aid responders on hand.

Support crew were spot on, we felt well looked after.”2016 Rider

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